#depression – Immediate Action Drills…

I am very much aware that there is a direct correlation between my military experience and my fight with depression. One of the key winning tactics was to put in place a set of Immediate Action Drills that I follow when I am feeling a low period coming on. The vast majority of the time … Continue reading #depression – Immediate Action Drills…


Aura i Lomé! Utulie’n aure!

Aura i Lomé! Utulie’n aure!The night is passing! The day has come!

News – Depression warning signs may be missed in successful people

The news of the death of Dr Bongani Mayosi due to depression came as a shock as he is one of South Africa's and continent's greatest minds.

Can you NOT think? It’s important! #depression

In our ever busy world we all can do with finding a moment to pause and be quiet. 
This one really is not easy to do. It takes a lot more than merely finding the time to be quiet. Find clarity of mind through not thinking...

Distractions are everywhere…

If you can take a step back orientate yourself and focus on the direction you should be going, cutting through the distraction, and get going. Then you are most of the way there to a much more productive life... filled with achievement!

Focus for detached calm in the face of adversity… it might just taste bloody good!

Find a few moments of focus to bring the mind inward. It had so many varied rewards... calmness in the face of adversity, relaxation after a busy day... and it might just taste bloody good!

How many lives are you living?

Today while chatting to someone about social media it occurred to me...this is a crazily busy modern world... and many of seem to lead many lives. At least it feels like there is a pressure on us to be seen to be. How many lives are you leading?

Learn to be present, in this moment. And this one…

How's the long list of things you want to get done today going? Space in the busy schedule for a cuppa and five minutes out? Try being present in the moment. See how it makes you feel...

Mental Nutrition

It has long been known to be a good approach to food to enjoy everything in moderation. This hints at balance. How balanced is your mental plate?

Detach and Appreciate

In our busy modern world we need to detach and make sure each day stands out from the rest.

Polishing the glass with meditation #depression

Do you have a window on your mind? What might you see through it and how clear is the glass?