#depression Tears over chocolate

Funny how the simple gesture of someone giving you a bar of chocolate can reduce you to tears!

In this case it was my mum giving me a simple bar of chocolate and whispering that it was just for me so that the girls didn’t hear and want their ‘fair’ share!

It doesn’t seem much but it is the act and though that makes it heartfelt.

Mum and dad being observant and thoughtful had bought the girls some clothes and toys for when we visited this weekend. For me they had gathered some very practical and useful things, knowing I am on quite a tight budget. So my goody bag consisted of washing up liquid, cloths, scouring pads, soap, foam sponges, a flannel, shampoo, shower gel and of course a bar of chocolate… two in fact now I look!

These everyday things may seem a tad boring but to me they help make my world a little more normal. Mum must have read my mind as I am almost out of washing up liquid.

Well I am sat here at my little kitchen table, the lamp on a timer having just popped on, with tears rolling down my cheeks in the half light as the sun sets.

So remember that even the seemingly smallest of gestures can bring big emotional responses and can have far greater meaning than you may realise. And I am meaning this in a good way. So make those little gestures and show someone they are cared about and thought of, please.


2 thoughts on “#depression Tears over chocolate

    1. Hey words4jp, thanks for the comment. Well half a bar gone and a smile on my face :o)
      It is the small words that can have some of the biggest impacts, whether intentional or not.

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