#depression Feelings of Failure

A feeling that creeps up and takes me by surprise but then grips me and I must wrestle to overcome and reject its temptation.

This feeling is often a very sinister caniving one.

How to beat Failure
First of all failure can be beaten. Know that.

You need to work to identify it when it is present. Smell it, feel it and know it is there.

Then recognise it for what it is, just a feeling and thought. Often a wrongly placed one.

Next find something small that will easily provide a success. Maybe I’m going to take a five minute break and make a cup of tea or go for a run or hoover up. Could be anything as long as you view it as a success.

From here work towards further successes. Often breaking big things into little chunks makes things easier.

Smile, the power for good of your smile is immense!


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