#depression – Friends and family

The importance of keeping in contact with friends and family cannot be under valued when you are feeling down.

I know it is easy and seems better to stay away and not burden them or upset them. That your troubles and challenges are yours and yours alone.

This feeling is another insidious aspect of depression. It makes you want to be alone and feel you should be alone.

Here the fight really begins. When you start to feel like that pick up the phone or put on your coat and make contact!

There are several reasons this is good. Firstly it will help break the downward cycle. You are being proactive and taking control. Second by sharing and seeing friends and family it will more think likely help you feel better, maybe even laugh! If you feel able to share and trust the person or people then you could always say that you were feeling a little down. I’ll bet they will do their best to listen, share and help.
Also, by being able to share it will probably help you see that what you thought was bad or making you sad is nowhere near as terrible as  you imagine.

I have had several moments like this. When something is consuming me or about too and when I wanted to isolate myself and close the doors, lock the Windows, draw the curtains and wallow in my self pity. I have, to be honest, got angry with myself and got motivated.
I won’t pretend it is easy nor that I have succeeded every time but when I have made it over the doorstep or pressed dial on the phone it has always had a positive outcome!

So, if your feeling down and letting that thought get on top of you … you know who to call or pop round to see… you just need to do it… go on…


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