#depression Worries of a father

As a single father of two beautiful little girls I have worried of late about how my depression is and will affect them.

Even though I try my best to hide it when with them and present as confident and happy a front as I can. I still worry that it will permeate through.

The fear I have is that through me carrying depression I will weaken the girls or pass on the behavioural traits and in turn psychological affects to them to face as they grow up and possibly in adulthood too.

On a more simple immediate level I know that the depression and lack of self efficacy I have prevents me being the dad I could be and feel I should be. Sadly, I believe I could be a great dad full of adventure, fun and most of all love.

The question is how to shake of this menace of depression and rise up to who I should be and the dad my beautiful girls so richly deserve!?!

Well there are a few thoughts this Sunday morning!

I shall update this later.

To all dads out there… do not be afraid to be the great dad you know you can be… take that from one dad who lives in fear of failing his girls.


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