#depression Being strong enough to be me

I know this great guy. He is funny and clever, likes to help others and share. He’s the sort of guy that always has time for you and knows just what to say when you are feeling down.

He has a great imagination too that he loves to share with his children. Building dens and ships and castles for them in the front room from which they journey out on great adventures. Through his love of painting and making they create wonderful galleries for the world to see and celebrate with feasts fit for kings and queens as he encourages his girls to learn to cook.

He really is a great guy and I love him to bits. I have known him since a small boy. Journeyed with him through lifes highs and lows.

Now he needs me more than ever. To be strong for him. You see he is me. Or rather the inner me trapped and trying to get out.

One thing I have learnt from my recent experiences with depression is that it can be like a prison without walls. Not the open prison model. Rather a prison where the prisoner walks amongst us. Can see us and interact with us yet is trapped and alone.

The jailer is the depression and in particular the fear it brings. Holding you back and stopping you being the real you. Clipping your wings. Making you hesitate and not take that extra step or say those words that you really want to say.

It can be really frustrating!
And no one ever seems to know.

So next time you are chatting with someone and they seem to clam up a little, or have something they want to say, be brave and gently help tease it out.

You never know you may be setting a superhero free!


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