#depression O.N.F.I.R.E.

When I was at university we had a rather inspirational director of sports science who taught us an acronym that was intended to inspire us in our careers.

For the life of me I cannot remember what it stands for but it was O.N.F.I.R.E.

Does anyone want to help fill in the blanks…

O = _______________
N = _______________
F = _______________
I = _______________
R = _______________
E = _______________

I would love to use the acronym to help inspire me, and maybe others.

If I could give the best suggestions a prize I would … my heartfelt thanks and a name check here will have to suffice for now.


2 thoughts on “#depression O.N.F.I.R.E.

    1. Hello again, it does take a bit of thinking. I am tempted towards Optimistic for the ‘O’. I bet there are some great suggestions out there!
      Will see what we have by the end of the week…

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