#depression making diaries

Keeping a diary can and is very useful when you suffer from depression. It helps you identify and recognise all the good things that go on in your daily life that you might otherwise miss.

Also, it is useful to see if there is a pattern. Something that you might otherwise miss in the chaos of everyday life.

I keep a diary in a very simple way. Buying a little one with the whole week laid out over two pages. For each day I make a note of how I feel by drawing a smiley face. If I have had a happy day there is a smile. An average day has a straight mouth and if at any point I felt properly sad or depressed a sad face.

In addition to his I keep a note of what time I go to bed and get up and whether I have had breakfast, lunch, tea and maybe supper. As I try to do regular fitness I keep a track of what sort of fitness too.

This simple set of information has proven really useful to me. I quickly spotted that I was not eating properly and within a couple of weeks it became clear that I tend to feel down at the end of the working week or first thing Monday.

Armed with this knowledge I now use the diary to remind me of my meals and know to smile more and expect to feel a little sad when tired at the end of the week.

A diary is not a cure but does help you get a focus on what is happening, when and maybe why. With this you can plan and take control.

My diary cost me just 99p and is one of the best buys I have ever made… so what are you waiting for fellow diarist… get out there and get jotting in your diary!


4 thoughts on “#depression making diaries

  1. i am terrible at diary/journal writing, however, I have given it a try again and now it seems like I write poetry instead of the ‘other things’. I try to write something and what comes out is a poem. Odd. I am still working on O.N.F.I.R.E. – but my words are somewhat strange – Original or Optimistic, Nice, Fun, Imagination, Relish, Enjoy. Nice could also be never as in never give up. Hummm – what does this say about my mind I wonder?

    1. Hey Words4JP, now I like the thought of all this poetry in a diary… could easily be translated into a book of the best entries!
      Like the words for O.N.F.I.R.E.
      It is interesting the words people choose and probably does say a lot about approach. Never at first sounds such a negative term but in the context of ‘Never give up!’ it takes on a whole new meaning… the gritting of teeth and a willingness to hold and keep going when all around you seem to say otherwise. Reminds me of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling…

      If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
      To serve your turn long after they are gone,
      And so hold on when there is nothing in you
      Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

      Will be reading more of your poetry later!

      1. Hey – you just opened my eyes to something – everyone around me seems to think i am negative – but i am not, not really. Never came to my mind as one thing only – never give up. I suppose there is still some hope for me in the positive dept? thanks for the food for thought.

      2. Hey Kimberly, well hope that is a good thing.. the opening the eyes bit. Never does have a lot of conertations but you have used it in a very powerful and positive way.
        I often wonder about how I use language, especially more recently. I seem myself as taking on a far more negative line of thought ovcer the past few years. Quite a change from a time when I was always the optomistic one in a group… to use your saying I would be the one who would ‘never give up’ even when everyone else was!

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