#depression Under stormy skies

When the Outlook is decidedly dull and cloudy storm fronts will blow and buffet you. They may even knock you a little off course.
I am experiencing a bit of a storm front right now. Having had a challenging day. Where I learnt one of my little girls is not too well and battled with tiredness and fatigue (god help.me in this coming fitness assessment weekend!). I fond myself laid alone in my bed wondering a little as to my course in life and feeling a tad down in the dumps.

Having blindly ignored my advice about these sorts of moments! Did I do as I had said just the other day and put on my shoes and get out the door to see friends, family and loved ones?


Instead I moped around my place alone and dwelling in my thoughts. Wallowing a little in self-pity. The hippos my daughter so loves would have been proud of me.

I chatted half interested to my mum on the phone. I didn’t eat my tea. I didn’t do the tasks I had said I would do. I even let down my best friend and soulmate by not going at least to see her. For that last one I am particularly sorry.

Am I going to beat myself up about drifting off course in the storm front I find myself?


I shall grasp my compass of belief and sheer grim determination. Reset my bearing and take some first steady steps towards making things right and getting myself back on track.

That is what I shall do.

So here is the list…

I shall text my soulmate and let her know I am thinking of her.and missing her and that I am sorry for missing being with her tonight and that I shall make it up to her tomorrow.

I shall get myself off to sleep soon so that I will rise a little earlier than normal and get the things I should have done tonight done!

I shall wake in the morning with a positive smiley attitude and embrace a wonderful new day of opportunity. A day spent with my friends at work and later at training with the military.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

So, let us be your umbrella under stormy skies. If you need to share the challenges you face, then share!

Don’t do as I have done today. It is much better to embrace the challenge. See it for the challenge it is and then get it in proportion. Get it shared and get on with enjoying this wonderful life!


2 thoughts on “#depression Under stormy skies

    1. Hello and thank you. Glad someone enjoys my thoughts. At times I know I don’t. Definitely finding it a help to share and hopefully others do and will take comfort in knowing they are not alone in their feelings.

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