#depression Time to set some goals – Update

After a challenging day on Wednesday, that got a lot better in the afternoon and evening, I think it is time to set a few goals. This will have two benefits, one it will be something positive to work towards. Second, by having tasks to work towards it will help keep me occupied and distracted from dwelling on negative thoughts.

So what goals and objectives to set…

Two obvious ones come to mind:

1. Put on some weight.
I have lost about half a stone in the last eight to ten months and although that sounds good it isn’t when you haven’t got much to lose.

So I am aiming to gain 5% over twelve weeks.

2. Get proper sleep.
If I can get proper consistent and regular full nights of sleep then that will help greatly with my low moods and feelings. Allowing the mind time to process all that has been going on is something I have been neglecting of late and probably a major driver with the depression.

I will aim to get 8 hours sleep each night, again over 12 weeks I will aim to achieve this.

I will set some simple achievable initial objectives so that I can accomplish some success to help spur me on to set further objectives. The key here I think is that they are achievable.

We shall see… watch this space for the detail as I come up with it.

Summing up …
1. gain 5% body weight
2. 8 hours sleep a night


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