#depression Fighting Fit

Fitness and caring about your health can really help!

When it comes to depression I have found that by getting some regular fitness has been able to help me feel better and less susceptible to low periods.

There is lots of discussion about whether it be the actual physical activity or the fresh air, if you exercise outdoors, or sense of achievement associated with the activity or the potential social aspect of fitness and many more variables to boot.

I am no doctor nor expert but I would hazard a guess that it is a mixture of the above.

When I link this in with eating well, as in regularly and reasonably healthy foods in good portions, and getting solid sleep I can see that really it is all about how we live.

In my world I often feel the effects of the rat race. Up reasonably early and off into a busy high paced day of many different things that all pull st me for attention. Some days it can seem like struggling up a mountain slope awash with thick mud only to peer upwards and see an avalanche of more ‘stuff’ coming my way!

Hence one of the reasons for setting goals, see yesterdays post and update…

To fight depression, that is what we are all doing right, we need to equip ourselves with the tools to do this. One of these is getting fit and getting positive.

Whether you go for a walk, a run, hit the gym, get the bicycle out or go rowing on a mill pond smooth lake the important thing is to get active. You’ll feel better for it!

I’ll be posting ideas and thoughts on fitness in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.


2 thoughts on “#depression Fighting Fit

  1. i love your blog. please do not get me wrong when i say this – but you remind me of a mom. sending out these signals – comforting, actually. it is interesting how we all know this stuff – read any article on depression and they essentially say the same things, but when i am not in a ‘happy’ place, i cannot for the life of me get this stuff register. thanks:)

    1. Hey Josephine and thank you for the kind compliment… I did take it the right way and you even made me smile so thank you too !
      One of the main reasons I started this blog was to act as a mirror for my own low points. To remind me of what I should be doing and how I sometimes fail. Not to beat myself up. Rather to say ‘hey so today has not been great but that is because you did this or didn’t do that. Now let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get on with living’.
      You’ve just given me an idea for another post… so thank you again!

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