#depression If you fall.. stand up!

We all fall or fail.

The question is what do we do when we do fall or fail?

It is very easy to blame ourselves or others or the weather, even putting the wrong coloured socks on in the morning.

Sometimes things just happen and we get blown off course. When this happens it is our reaction that is important.

I know from my own experience that life throws all sorts of challenges at us (not problems, challenges to be overcome).

I learnt an important lesson a few years ago doing the Body for life challenge. It teaches you that you might fail or miss something, like a training session. The important thing is not to stop. Rather take whatever it is onboard and keep going. Make sure you make it to the gym the next day or go for that run and so on.

So remember … if you fall or fail do not beat yourself up. We all fall or fail at sometime. The thing to do is pick yourself up, learn from it and keep going.

You can do it!


3 thoughts on “#depression If you fall.. stand up!

  1. Hi – just woke up. And here you are. 😉 have you ever heard the saying – if at first you don’t succeed, try try again? I grew up listening to that one. So true, cliche as all hell but true. I do try, but it is nice to have some one kicking you in the butt reminding you. 😉 it is a reminder we hate to hear – because of the cliche thing, I think – but one we should always have thrown/said to us!

    1. Hey Josephine, thanks again for a great comment and yes heard of the saying and it is very true.

      I’m also meaning to not get disheartened when things don’t go to plan. It is similar but with a different perspective.

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