#depression It’s ok to look after you

If you are anything like me you will almost always put others before yourself. To go the extra mile or not consider the inconvenience too much to help someone else. That is not me being self-important. It is easy to forget about yourself.

Sometimes though we do need to stop. To take a little time and yes be a little bit selfish. We all need some time to recoup and get our bearings or to let our minds clear of the hubbub of life.

An example is this weekend. Just about finished three days of fitness assessments and service knowledge testing. Feeling a tad tired, funnily enough.

So tonight once I’ve got another task done I intend to chill out and  relax. I am imagining candles, soft relaxing music, warm bath and possibly some wine.

Whatever helps you stop, relax and unwind you need to plan into our hectic lives.

So when are you going to stop and be yourself … if only for ten minutes…

Get it planned now and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “#depression It’s ok to look after you

  1. Arghhhh. I hate this one. I suck at it. This past year all I have heard is this. I must say that I am feeling a bit better this past week. I am actually considering working out tomorrow which is something I have not been able to do since November. It will be not the greatest workout. I am in awful shape and I cannot bear to see myself in anything but sweatpants. But I am going to give it a try. Wish me luck – Josephine.

    1. Hey Josephine, don’t need to wish you luck… you are fully in charge and I know you can do it. Don’t set any amazing workout goals… be happy when you have done it and that it is the first in a new series that will lead to amazing workouts where you will achieve things you did not think possible! I know this as I scored my highest ever bleep test on Friday evening at 36 years old and after a week of very little sleep! I started doing them when I was 27 and pretty fit.. the main thing that has changed is what goes on between my ears (all those who are whispering ‘not much’ … shhh) and my mental robustness in knowing I cam go further and run faster than I realise. I still wasn’t badly out of breath even then… so just imagine how much longer I could have Hung on for!

      You go for it and enjoy it!

      1. Hey there Joseph! It is a Monday morning here in Chicagoland, IL and I am planning on taking a 4pm class – boxing:) Yes, you read me right – boxing. I have my stuff in the car and I am actually quite excited. thanks for checking up on me – hey – I just had a thought – I bet subconsciously I told you about working out because I know someone knows and if i bail out I am going to feel pretty damn guilty if I do not do what i said I was going to do! Of course, when tomorrow comes and I cannot move, you are going to get to read all about it!!!!!!! Josephine 😉

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