#depression – Relate and men .. the report

Relate, the British charity, recently conducted some research into how they deal with men when providing relationship guidance.

The findings make for grim reading for men…

1. As many as four in ten children being brought up by their mothers have no contact with their fathers at all

2. Men are at greater risk of suicide in the aftermath of a relationship break-down

3. Men are less likely to enjoy the support of a network of friends to support them in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown

4. Men make up just 36 per cent of the total numbers of people referred into IAPT – the national programme for psychotherapeutic support

5. Services designed to support the relationship needs of individuals and couples are not “male-friendly” enough –56 per cent of the client base of Relate is female compared with 44 per cent male.

So how can WE start to sort this out?

I for one have little belief that without help organisations like Relate will continue to fail men.

We need to learn to help ourselves!

Whatch this space because I have had enough of men being seen as second rate failures when it comes to relationships and family life!

If you want to get involved and, or have ideas and suggestions then get in touch…

Read the report here


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