#depression Eat well, be happy – part two of ‘Time to set some goals’…

Taking time to cook something you like has many benefits. For a start you know what is in it and also by enjoying the cooking you will appreciate your food more.

One of the goals I set just over a week ago was to start to gain some weight. To be precise to add 5% to my total body mass, preferably in the form of muscle instead of fat.

Well had my first weeks weigh-in yesterday (thursday) and was slightly amazed by the result!

Now to paint the picture after setting the goal I started to consciously more more regularly. Not bigger portions just make sure I was smacking and not going hungry or without good for a period of time.

So when I came to stand on the scales and record my mass (overall weight), fat %, dehydration %, muscle %, body mass indicator and basic kcal to maintain my make up, I discovered I had added around 2kgs!

So a little more explanation and a theory…

After setting the goal on Thursday, the Friday night saw me do a standard fitness test (bleep, press-ups and sit-ups) in which I achieved a couple of personal bests. Saturday morning found me participating in another fitness test carrying over 36 kilos for five kilometers in fifty minutes, the rest of the day was spent sat in lectures and practising some practical skills. Sunday morning found me effectively running 1.6 kilometers in 12 minutes carrying 20 plus kilos and then reforming a set of arduous tasks. Again more lectures for the rest of the day.
From then on I have ensured I ate well and fitted in some physical exercise every day, from running to press-ups, crunches, lunges, squats and lifting dumb bells.

I am guessing that by doing the really arduous work at the weekend my body has been kicked into action and started rebuilding after the stresses and strains.

So keep an eye on this spot for further updates…plus any encouragement is most welcome ! I bleat on enough about getting out there and talking to help you feel better .. well I would love to hear some talking about what goals you might set yourself… 


2 thoughts on “#depression Eat well, be happy – part two of ‘Time to set some goals’…

    1. Hey Josephine feel like I should high five you. I was surprised at the speed of weight gain. I am one of those really annoying people who struggle to gain weight so for me it is a really good sign. Need to keep it as muscle and hope it keeps going. Lots of supporting exercise is the key! You never know might even post a body shot to show how I am doing at the end lol!

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