#depression Breakfast at the silver car

For some weeks now I have seen a silver car parked on a siding as I drive to work. It’s not there every day. When it is in residence I can see the passenger seat has be been wound down to make a temporary bed for someone. On the odd occasion I have seen the anonymous occupant turning the car round or on one occasion at the boot of the car.

Ask me to describe him and that is about as far as I can go… he is a he. I don’t know how old or what he looks like.

What I do know as I sail by is that I have an enormous empathy for the siding occupant. Having spent a few nights asleep, or trying to, in a cold car all alone is I know no fun. It can be a very lonely place.

I also know that I have a powerful urge to stop and say hello and to bring him some breakfast. I don’t need to stop or wait for a thank you. Just the act of letting him know he is not alone. That someone has taken notice and is extending a hand of help, if only to say …

You are not alone.


One thought on “#depression Breakfast at the silver car

  1. good morning – What a lovely piece – you should take him a little something, if only to leave it on the hood of a car with a little note – “from a friend”.

    btw – did you get a ping back for a Very Inspiring Blogger nomination? I nominated you, but I am thinking I did not do the ping thing right – check out my latest post Warm and Fuzzy – if you did not get a ping. I have to figure this out today………

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