#depression The long wait for the professionals

face_happyOne of the biggest challenges the depressive faces is the long wait for the professionals.

Since being diagnosed it has been a month and a half of waiting for a CBT spot.

So what to do in the mean time…

Get proactive. Start working to take action to help yourself. The last thing anyone wants is to get worse than they are now with depression.

It won’t be easy. There will be times that are very challenging and it can be very hard to see your way through.

Persevere. No matter how hard, difficult or bad things may seem keep going!

Look for the positives. They are there you just need to search harder to find them and the grab them with both hands and latch on. Nurture a little positive glimmer and fan it to help it grow and for you to glow. Protect these moments at all cost.

Identify the negaitives. It is important to clearly identify the negative thoughts and to fix them. Not as in fix them when you fix something broken. Fix them to the spot so they cannot grow or escape. This leads to you being able to…

Destroy negative thoughts. By clearly identifying and fixing the negative thoughts you can then rationally put them in context and destroy them.

Take control. At least in some way. Decide to achieve something that is realistic and timely. Don’t set long term goals. Set goals that can be quickly achieved. This will give you a sense of control and success.

Communication is key. When things seem to be going wrong and negative thoughts are on the rise do exactly the opposite to what you will want to do. Start to communicate. Talk, text, email, telephone, Skype, paper cups and string. Whatever works do it. By sharing and communicating you archive several things…

Distraction. Do things to take your mind off the negatives. This might be to communicate more or go do some exercise or paint or yoga or cook but do something.

Share. In sharing you will know you are not alone. You will also get an objective view through verbalising your thoughts. This can be very powerful.

BE BRAVE It takes a lot of inner strength to do this and there will be many times that you want to just give in. BUT these are the times to grit your teeth, stand up, wipe away the tears, brace your heart, take a deep breath, take a moment and …

Say hello to someone and break the silence.

You are not alone.

There are many of us out there.


8 thoughts on “#depression The long wait for the professionals

      1. I have been waiting for you to ask:) – i took the day off of class yesterday – we had another snow thing here – about 8″. So I spent most of my day shoveling. I am really starting to get back into the working out thing. Monday’s class felt like I am beginning to get stronger – pardon the pun but I felt like i was packing a stronger punch. Now i just need to get stronger in the push up department……….

      2. Woohoo and well done to you.

        Now press-ups are something I can give you solid advice on.. to keep them easy to begin with try the adapted press-up where you bend the legs and put the knees on the floor. This lightens the weight over your hands. Second, keep your elbows tucked tight into your ribs as this also makes the press-up easier to execute. Third, start with low reps and over time build them up.

        Do feel free to ask for any fitness advice … I will be honest and supportive. Anything I don’t know I will find out for you.

        Keep up the good work and really glad to hear you are finding it good.

      3. Thank you. I must say it is nice knowing that there is somewhere out there who is checking up on me – thanks. oh, I must know what kind of chocolate you ate? they say the darker the better – for health benefits, but sometimes, you just need to eat a piece of your favorite chocolate – regardless of it’s color and type.

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