#depression First visit to a professional

face_happyWell after a bit of a wait I have finally been for the first session with a counsellor.

Now before I sound like I am made of money, would be nice but not true, these sessions are private and paid for by the company I work for. I am lucky and I know this.

So this is how it was, for those wondering…

The session was booked for just after work. I travelled up to the counsellors private home. Arriving a little early I wondered if that would be a bit of an issue. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.
After ringing the doorbell I was greeted a fee moments later by the smiling face of the counsellor opening the door as if I was an old friend calling round for a cup of tea.
Inviting me in and guiding me through to a small nicely decorated room of subtle blues and creams. Two comfy chairs were available and a reclining chair with footstool also.
Sitting in one of the comfy chairs the counsellor asked if I would like a drink and the cup of tea alluded to earlier was forthcoming.
A few friendly pleasantries were exchanged in order to help me settle and relax a little I am sure.
Then a few slightly formal questions as a record form was filled out. This was very quick and not intrusive.

The counsellor then asked a very open question as to why I had come to see them… and off I went talking about and describing the many facets that have been challenging and affecting me over the past six to twelve months. From the failure of my marriage to the changing pressures of work through to my commitments with my soldiering and working with young people on into the various ways I had sought help both externally with health professionals and internally by researching and putting in place various measures.

A measure of the counsellors skill was that I must have spoken for over ninety percent of the time.

As I have been trying to take some proactive steps to help while I waited to see someone, and not to slip any further, it was nice to hear that I was on the right track.

Towards the end of the session we started to talk about what the counsellor would like me to do. This included a relaxation session where I sat on the reclining chair with my feet up on the stool. The counsellor took me on a journey into my thoughts and subconscious. Painting a picture for me. One of the powerful aspects of this was when the counsellor asked me to imagine picture of the strong me. To frame this and look at it. Then try to bring the picture closer to myself. Over time one of my objectives is to bring this image of the strong me so close that it can envelope me. Wrapping me in its qualities as I become that stronger me.

That excites me as I can see a really strong me. It is not a new vision of myself. Rather one that I have known for a long time resides within me just haven’t had the inner strength to shake of the imaginary shackles that hold me back from fulfilling my potential.

Once the relaxation session had completed the counsellor set me some homework to listen to a cd for approximately half an hour a day when possible. Also, to learn an affirmation and repeat this on a regular basis throughout the day.

After two and a half hours, which seemed to have whizzed by, the session came to natural conclusion.
As I drove home I felt very relaxed and positive, peaceful even. I began to see, hear and sense things that I had become shut off from. I noticed the stars and some of the landmarks that might otherwise be missed in my everyday journeys.

I couldn’t wait to get home and share my experience.

So there is the first visit. I have another booked for two weeks time and I have just laid on my bed and listened to the first session of the cd.

I hope that by sharing this with you it will help you understand the process and that you have nothing to fear in taking a first step towards a better future for you.


3 thoughts on “#depression First visit to a professional

  1. I am happy you had a pleasant and ‘helpful’ experience. i cannot say i have ever had a session like that but, whatever – I am happy for you. You sound great Joseph – Josephine is happy!

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