#depression Inspiration – Body for Life Challenge

face_happyOne of the key areas I have found that helps with feeling more in control and subsequently being happier is fitness.

Going and doing exercise helps in many ways. This includes the release of endorphines, sense of achievement, more positive self-esteem, all round health and sense of control.

A fair few years ago now I was on my travels and having adventures. This took me all the way to New Zealand. It was here that I met a guy of a similar age to me who was full of life and on a world tour back packing. We travelled for three weeks together and one of the many things we talked about was something he called the Body for Life Challenge. This competition, as it is, is a twelve week programme which has the aim of teaching you all about how to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Now I wasn’t interested in the competition part, though winning a lot of money was tempting. I was however interested in the actual programme as it sounded demanding yet sensible.

The three weeks of adventuring came to an end and as I spent my last few days in Auckland I headed to a book shop to lookup the book that accompanied the programme. As if fate had dictated I found the book and before touching down on home soil I had read it cover to cover.

Over the next twelve weeks, that is the length of the programme, I diligently attended the gym and ate as well as I could. Following all the very good advice that brought together most of the good things I had been taught at university. Suffice to say that twelve weeks later I was fitter and healthier than I had ever been.

The principles of fitness that those twelve weeks taught me have stuck with me and to some extent inform the way I exercise and eat now.

This has and I am pretty sure does help me to have that aspect of control, to give me those little islands of success when the days are hard, affords me time out in the fresh air as well as developing my friendships with others that I exercise with.

One of the key messages that the programme has is to build yourself a body AND mind fit for life. This could not be more apt and appropriate for someone facing the challenges of depression.

So I challenge you … let’s both get our bodies and minds Fit for a better Life

If you want to find out more about the Body for Life programme you can at: www.bodyforlife.com


2 thoughts on “#depression Inspiration – Body for Life Challenge

  1. While I was writing this post it got me thinking. I have a military skills competition in roughly six weeks and one of the areas is naturally fitness. So I am seriously thinking of starting the challenge again and seeing how I go… you may even get to see a pick of me before and then after the twelve weeks!

    Who wants to be a challenge buddy ?

  2. Two sessions down, one day off and now a weekend away with the soldiers so automatic free phys.

    Is anyone else working on their fitness? I know at least one more person who is…

    Looking forward to a week of working on my military unit and being able to get to the gym more easily next week.

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