#depression Release the real potential in you

face_happyDo you dream or imagine what you might be if only you could break free of your inhibitions ?

I know I do. I can clearly view the me trapped inside. Held back by my innate fears.

So what are these invisible shackles?

When I think of those rusty old chains that challenge me, restricting me, I can see them for what they really are…


Those chains, seemingly so strong, melt into nothingness upon examination.

It is as easy as that.

The chains that keep me from blossoming, from reaching my full potential… nothing!

Those same shackles restrain me in so many aspects of my life… so many important areas. Curtailing the love I could and should show those that mean so much to me. From my daughters to my beautiful soulmate they all deserve the true full version of Joseph. Not this inhibited half Joseph.

In the place of rusty shackles I will grow wings. Powerful, sleek, capable… I shall spread them wide to lift me, soaring to my true potential.

I shall not settle to simply lift me alone to explore such heights in silent solitude.

I shall hold out my hands. Firmly take my daughters little hands in my safe grasp. Gaze lovingly into the eyes of the one I love and offer her the same safe hold. Take them with me. To inspire them and show the meaning of inner freedom. That they can be whatever they desire. That the wonders of this world are there to be shared with all.

That true peace and happiness is residing within them, within you. Within your grasp.

So will you join me ? Will you melt your shackles under examine and soar to fulfil your wonderful potential?


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