#depression Daring to dream – what do you dream of?

One area I have been thinking about is the power of the self fulfilling prophecy.

As a student teacher we learnt about the need for positive self-image. That reinforcing little children’s perception of themselves through positive feedback where appropriate was important. For if a child is told enough that that are either a success or a failure they will eventually fulfill that perception. They will believe it and either seek to raise themselves to their own success, whatever that may be or will give up, not believing in their own real abilities.

This can and does affect adults too. Only that within the adult arena it is easier for an individual to pick-up negative reinforcement. Turning this in to self-perceived failure which leads to reinforce this perception. With time, it can be quite considerable, this is fermented and behaviours develop that match the perceived pattern.

So I am working on developing a positive self image as I want not only to recover from this episode of depression. I want and will build a more positive capable successful Joseph… hence reworking Joseph.

Knowing someone very dear to me who has had a wonderful opportunity recently to develop themselves. Taking them outside their usual comfort zone where they could, in a safe environment, develop. Discovering new skills, new talents and bringing to the fore aspects that they probably knew they had just lacked the confidence to shine.
It has been wonderful to see how given the right situation someone immensely capable can be brought forth and shown their true value, that they have a great deal to offer and benefit from.

I would like to know what you dream of and aspire/dream for…
Given the chance and supportive environment what could you be ..?


One thought on “#depression Daring to dream – what do you dream of?

  1. Hummm, I am still trying to figure that it out. I have so many uncertainties in my life right now, I need a few to be resolved before i can think more clearly about dreams and aspirations – but I am not opposed to the idea, which for me is an improvement from a few months ago. Seriously. Reading your posts always puts a smile on my face:)

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