#Depression – Art as a therapy?

face_happyI like art.

Won’t pretend or profess to being knowledgeable about art but I do like to paint a little. Time is often the limiter.

An evening spent with a glass of wine, or two, some soft music and a raft of easles just waiting to be worked on has a pretty good soothing effect on me.

Which has made me wonder whether others find art a relaxing activity?

I think for me it is the fact that I have to stop to do the painting. Taking time out from being busy rushing from one place to the next. Furthermore, I get to be creative. Letting out my inner child…

Let me know your thoughts…


8 thoughts on “#Depression – Art as a therapy?

    1. Hi Noorie, I like your thought that it makes you stop and think. You are spot on there as I tend to find that quieting my stupidly busy mind lets my thoughts settle and new or underlying ones float to the top.

  1. I love to paint and do crafts in general. It seems when I am working on something I can turn off the inner critic and negative talk and just put my focus on what I am doing. It’s definitely a good way to quiet the mind. At times I have found that by being that focused on something a solution or enlightenment will come to me regarding something that’s been on my mind. Keep painting!

    1. Hey Cindy, creativity is really good for soothing the soul. I reckon it is the fact that you can see the results of your hard work and I have to confess to liking the aesthetic pleasure of having put time and care into creating something nice… just finding the time in the first place! Good point on the focus allowing your subconcious to work on things.
      I will try to get some of my paintings photographed and on here. Won’t claim they are particularly good but my inner five year old is very proud!

      1. All that matters when it comes to art is how you feel about it when you finish a project. I can’t wait to see some of your art. I haven’t done any painting or anything for a while. I’m just working my way out of a dark hole. Trying to find some balance in my life. You have inspired me to make more of an effort to fit art into my life.

      2. Hello again, ditto on the dark hole and climbing my way out of one… hence this blog.. would love to see some of your art too. What sort of painting and crafts do you do?

        I try to paint with oils, can’t manage anything with watercolours and have been discovering the wonders of salt dough recently with my daughters!

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