#Depression – It’s Friday, raining and I am smiling lighting up the world around me

Well that was the week that was!

There have been highs, there have been some very challenging lows but I continue to strive. Forging my way through some serious adverstity and after all that, still able to help people when they needed me.

So this week, in the words of one I love dearly, I am proud of myself.

How has your week been?

What have been your highs?

I had a great weekend and a wonderful evening was spent adventuring with my little girls… the older toddler making me laugh as she shouted her hellos at low flying ducks and the moon as we wandered back through the village to home from the shop.

What has challenged you?

My car costing me the earth and then breaking down once I thought it was fixed only to be fixed, again for less than I anticipated. Relationships have also challenged me this week as I try to balance the needs of various people and find that good clear communication is key!


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