#Depression Inspiration – Antonio Carluccio

Reading today’s newspaper highlighted another inspiring famous character who I was genuinely surprise to hear suffers from depression.

Antonio Carluccio at the tender age of 76 has apparently written 18 cookery books, plus an autobiography and had his own name above a string of cafes. Not bad going on my book.

Yet this icon of everything Italian cuisine wise has suffered and fought with depression. There art notable trigger points from his brothers death to divorce to the selling of the cafe chain. He speaks of the feeling of losing his identity.

Antonio also explains how it took him time to get better and that slowly and surely he has gained his wellness. In his words he is very, very well. I like how he says this as I firmly believe that when you take on a overcome depression you can become stronger and better that the person you were before. It is a sort of evolution. A testing time that brings out the inner better potential.

He also talks of sensibly humility. That life has much to offer and to learn from. That not everything can be instant. Something take time to learn.

Do you know of an inspiring character? They may not have had the challenge of depression. They will have attributes that are inspirational. Aspects that you can latch on to, model and learn from.


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