#Depression – Monday’s workout is always exacting

Well I am happy to report that the fitness regime continues apace.

Today has seen me jog three quarters of a mile down to the rugby pitch, quite easily to my slightly tired surprise, with my 15kg daysack on my back.

The circuits session went well with me achieving more than I thought I could fit in within the time.

So here is the breakdown to give you an idea:

  1. Dumbell Press with 15kg Day sack x 100 repetitions (5 sets of 20)
  2. Front raise with 15kg Day sack x 100 repetitions (5 sets of 20)
  3. 250 crunches (5 sets of 50)
  4. Bent over rows with 15kg Day sack x 100 repitions (5 sets of 20)
  5. 100 Leg raises (5 sets of 20)
  6. Latissimus pull-up with 15kg Day sack x 30 repetitions (3 sets of 10)
  7. Incline press-ups with 15kg Day sack x 60 repetitions (3 sets of 20)
  8. Leg, core and arm stretches mixed in at beginning and end of session.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else has been working out, exercising or just getting out and about in the fresh air today…

One of my work colleagues made an interesting comment as I got back to my desk a few moments ago… “where do I get all my energy from?”

What a great question… for sometimes I do amaze myself in that considering everything that has been going on lately, all that I have faced I still manage to achieve physically things that any normal minded person might think impossible.

I love amazing myself. It just keeps on showing me that the mind is a powerful thing. That we must treat it with respect, realising that sometimes when the mind says no this can’t be done reality might be very different.

Mental robustness… I am still working on it…


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