#Depression – Altruism feeds the good soul

When you are feeling tired and crabby..

When negative criticism trips far too easily off the tongue..

STOP and..

Do something nice for someone..

Reach out and help another..

These simple and often small acts of kindness will give you a glow..

A positive warmness inside and put a smile on that potentially crabby face..

In trying to live by my word this is what I have done this morning to quite some success after a disturbed night with my teething daughter.

Who can you reach out to and help today, right now?


2 thoughts on “#Depression – Altruism feeds the good soul

  1. hi there – I have not disappeared – i am in the middle of moving – long story. just know i am doing my best to read and respond and keep my sanity at the same time! btw, you sound (read) wonderful:)

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