Depression Aide Memoire Cover

Depression – Aide Memoire

Would an Aide Memoire for tactics in dealing with depression be useful to you?

I have been wondering for a little while now whether sharing a bit of an aide memoire of the tactics I have used to fight and combat despression might be useful to others?

If you think a simple and easy to follow reminder/tutorial of the tactics you, or osmeone you know, can bring to bear would be useful let me know!


One thought on “Depression – Aide Memoire

  1. Thank you for the responses and likes so far. Would love to hear more from people. What sort of format would be good for the Aide Memoire?

    I have initially thought of a downloadable and printable document to include:

    • Cut-out and keep Immediate Action reference card
    • Printable reference pamphlet that goes into more detail on depression and what to do

    Any further suggestions on what to include are greatly encouraged. What would you like to see or have included?

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