#Depression – Monday’s child is meek and mild

The weekend is passed and the new week dawns.

How are you all? Good weekend?

Happily I spent mine away training with the military and spent a very long Saturday working hard amongst some very beautiful scenery…

The new week has started a fresh and my mantra of smile, eat and communicate was in full swing this morning as I bowled into work.

I wasn’t feeling down or fending off negative thoughts.

Rather I was bouyed by hope and the feeling that I am making progress.

I have somewhere to go, something to do and something to contribute!

A productive morning gathering reports and running imports was followed by a lunchtime circuits session with a friend that again tested me. The afternoon has been full of updating a document, emailing government bodies for advice and chasing contractors up.

Looking forward to an evening of getting a couple of jobs ticketed off, hunting for a new washing machine and best of all a gentle jog with the one I love.

A day worth living.

Have you had a positive day… what made you think so?


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