#depression – Tales of painting fairy princess castles, bows and arrows and friends!

After a slightly challenging day of work this evening has been lovely!

It started with the collection of my two little girls, after picking up fuel (and some chocolate for my eldest) we headed for home and tea.

The plan for the evening involved the painting of the fairy princess castle that my eldest toddler had built out of boxes and tubes the week before.

With tea finished we set to. The plastic mat was out down in the kitchen. A little person stripped down and put on one of my old shirts. Out came the paints along with some useful pots. The fairy princess castle was placed in the middle and painting began!

My partner and her youngsters popped in to visit so painting took a pause while cups of tea and glasses of juice were shared. Playful adventures ensued as much laughter reverberated around my little home. This is how all homes should be … full of life… maybe raucous at times… life none the less!

Now with the two girls tucked up sound a sleep in their room I lay here on my bed. Full of love for my little family, full of hope for our future. Life is a challenge, a struggle for any single parent. I admire those who seem to thrive in what can seem an overwhelming environment where to simply manage to get through each day seems like a victory. Yet some do so much more, achieve a lot for their children and still find some time to make great things happen for themselves.

These people inspire me. Driving me on to dream, hope, that I can achieve similar for my girls and maybe, just maybe, me too!


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