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#depression – Plans for the weekend..?

So what are your plans for the coming weekend?

For me it includes a long weekend with my girls hopefully full of adventures, fun, laughter and love…

I know we have a birthday party to attend, maybe one nights camping out (weather dependent), a fairy princess castle to finish painting, a bbq to enjoy and relatives to visit … plus a whole load more I am sure!

How will you make this weekend special? Maybe a quiet evening in with the soft light of candles… or outdoors adventures in the countryside…

We would love to hear whatever you are up to and whatever it is I hope you have a great time!


3 thoughts on “#depression – Plans for the weekend..?

  1. My plans are to hike with hubby and dog; do a swim at the Y; grill some stuff and throw it on a salad; and maybe a movie. Monday is a day to stay home in my neck of the woods due to a big race that packs the city and makes it impossible to get anywhere without bumping into someone– I hope you have a good weekend with your girls and the fairly tale castle. That sounds divine.

    1. Hi Stephanie and thank you for your comment.

      Should be a great weekend with my girls full of adventure and love. Think it is all about the context with little ones… turning the ordinary into something magical… hence Tinkerbell needs somewhere to live and a ‘beautifully’ painted homemade fairy princess castle will be perfect.

      We built the castle last week from junk material and started painting it earlier this week.

      Now to finish it off ready for a grand opening! (I have some solar powered little lights which would be perfect now I think of it!

      Hope your weekend of hiking, avoiding race crowds along with grilling ‘stuff’ goes well!

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