#depression – He slipped through my fingers while I held him!

You are NOT alone…

YOU .. are .. NOT .. alone…

Less than five minutes ago I learn that a guy I helped a few weeks ago, when he fell from his delivery van and injured his ankle, has commited suicide.

The thing that makes me feel sad, a little angry with myself and wishing I could turn back the hands of time is that we spoke, chatted, laughed while waiting for the ambulance.

What I failed to realise was that he was a recent depressive who was experiencing difficulties in life.

I realise that there was probably nothing I could have done to change his path or help him in the coming days that proved too much for him.

BUT, at least I could have let him know that he was not alone.


One thought on “#depression – He slipped through my fingers while I held him!

  1. hey there – sorry to have disappeared. life on my end had been very complicated – you name it , I have been dealing with it. I have read your posts though –

    i am sorry to hear about this gentleman – i would feel the same way as you, but you are right – how could you have known? You were there at one particular time in which i am quite certain he needed a friend. You gave him something special. If you can take some comfort from what i have said, please remember that – 🙂 xx

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