“I am …….”

This is just what I needed to read.. thank you… to the rest of us… read… believe… make a difference!

Beads 'n Whispers

“I am born with potential, goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and determination. I am born with greatness and confidence. I am born with wings. So I am not meant for crawling, because I have wings. I fly, I fly, and I fly.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

Great quote. But, just another inspirational quote, right?

A few days ago we attended former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam’s new book signing ceremony. Simple, traditional, regular ceremony. The highlight of the event was, of course, President Kalam’s speech … and the highlight of that speech (for me) was the quote above. He not just delivered the quote, he asked us- everyone in the audience- to repeat after him. What a difference it makes if you hear yourself say something!

I am



born with potential,



goodness and trust.



I am

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