#depression – New office space = new beginnings!

Not particularly exciting in the great events of the world but… I am setting up my new office space at home…

I have to burst any imaginative bubbles here by explaining that this is not some plush study with great big desk and acres of beautiful wooden bookshelves. Rather the table in my kitchen, now adorned with a screen, keyboard, mouse and ‘visiting’ laptop.

Trying to get myself organised after being inspired by the one I love who has set up her dining room with ‘study’ facilities ready for Uni in the autumn that will benefit her whole family.

So what great works, endeavours and pursuits shall come from this ‘study’ of mine … well who can tell, but a first important step has been taken!


What or who has inspired you recently?

There are many in my world from my partner who inspires me almost every day to one of my colleagues at work who I run with (even when he doesn’t think he is up to it!)


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