Full Frame Wordpress Theme

#depression – I need your help … Thinking of a new theme…

Thinking of changing the theme for Reworking Joseph.

Looking for a theme that is fresh, open and clean. Something that allows readers to find information easily whilst still having a big impact visually.

So some questions for you…

What theme do you use?

What prompted you to use this theme?

I really like Full Frame. It looks very impressive visually and has great focus on the core message. Unfortunately, it is a premium theme that I cannot afford.

Full Frame WordPress Theme
Full Frame WordPress Theme

One thought on “#depression – I need your help … Thinking of a new theme…

  1. I choose themes based on how they strike me. I am not a designer or an artist, but I do know what I like and choosing something isn’t any more complicated for me than that. I go for the “free” themes too. Your theme right now is good…what it conjures up for me is the idea that we all scale mountains to find out the heights and depths of our human-ness. Don’t know if any of this helps at all, but felt compelled to answer. Hope you have a good day, today. Hugs.

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