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#depression – Yesterdays triumph breeds today’s success #mentalhealth

Yesterday, Wednesday, was quite a challenging day for me.

It started with a disturbed night that was far to short…

Then I missed most of my breakfast through gettting the girls ready.

A busy morning going over my annual appraisal form depressed me somewhat, which wasn’t helped by the unsteady start…

… negative thoughts began to swirl like vultures sensing prey.

The afternoon took a slight up-turn as an important meeting went better than I thought.

The warm embracing hug of my partner when I arrived home lifted my spirits further, cemented by her pretty smile and soft loving eyes.

An evening of physical training with my fellow soldiers further put me in good spirits.

Hence, when I arrived home again the day had turned from a challenging one filled with dark ominous clouds into a far brighter, sunnier, positive aspect.

The key learning points

From early on in the morning I made a concious decision to communicate.

Through communicating and keeping in touch with my loved ones I was able to keep some realistic perspective on life around me.

In getting involved and participating with the physical exercise I ensured I had more social interaction. Also, a successful experience that I was in control of.

The long road to getting better has many stumbling days…

I am taking a lot of positives from yesterdays experience as not so long ago the challenges I faced would have been reasonably cripling. Yet in the face of adversity I took control of the situation, made it my own, smiled and go on.

You too can, probably already do, do this!


2 thoughts on “#depression – Yesterdays triumph breeds today’s success #mentalhealth

  1. Love this post…and I know those days that can start so stormy. You walk a good walk, friend and your writing is both helpful and uplifting. Exercise has been a saving grace for me as well. May today’s forecast continue sunny and warm.

    1. Hi Stephanie and thank you for the incite. Exercise has been a real boon to my fight with depression. Though I have had to be careful not to let myself use it as a self-punishment.

      Today has started well with some good useful contacts and catching up with people.

      Looking forward to a run in the sun with a friend in a few minutes at lunch.

      Hope your day is as positive and successful.



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