#depression – Your opinion needed … Self-help vs Professional

I am wondering what people think about whether self-help or professional help is best in fighting depression?

It may be a combination but I want to know other peoples thoughts and experiences … So get in touch!


4 thoughts on “#depression – Your opinion needed … Self-help vs Professional

  1. Hello there Not Just Sad and thank you for the really constructive comment.

    I totally agree with you. When I started out seeking help I found that having some professional input reinforced and helped confirm the self-help I had started doing.

    That gave me confidence to continue. Plus, added tools to my ever growing toolbox!

    After completing the professional sessions I now know that I need to take stock every so often. Go over the good skills I learnt. Practise them from time to time to ensure I am fluent with them. This brings the advantage of a type of self-check to ensure my progress is in the right direction. My long term aim is to be a better, more confident and rounded as a person than I have ever been.

    Thanks again for the great input. Looking forward to hearing more of people’s experiences. Especially guys, as it is often us men who seem to fear seeking professional help or don’t really know where to start with self-help.

    As an aside… I am doing a series of posts on a sort of self-help toolkit that I have found very helpful… Still practice it in fact. Check out the Immediate Action Drills page >

  2. I think your Immediate Action Drills are a great idea! So much of depression self help is aimed at the times when we’ve already “fallen down the well” so to speak. I like the idea of what to do at the onset of a low period.

    1. Hello there and thanks for the great point about most help seeming to aim at the aftermath rather than striking early to help prevent it.

      Any suggestions or ideas that you find work would be great.

      Really want to get a discussion going on what people find helps.

      Thanks again :o)

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