#depression – Immediate Action Drill 2 – Reaction to the onset of a depressive period

We have  started to assemble our toolbox to deal with depressive periods/episodes.

Today we take the first constructive step and pop the first tool in…

Reaction to the onset of a depressive period

The first thing we need to do is recognise that a potentially depressive period is starting.

This is very important, as we need to establish whether we are feeling low and likely to continue to sink.

The earlier we can take action the better.

So be on the look out for any set of thoughts that set the alarm bell ringing. You know them. Those addictive little thoughts that start to circulate. Building into the whirlpool of negativity that is hard to break free of.

As a soldier we are taught to take our risks early. The longer we leave or put them off the harder it is to achieve our mission.

So, think about the negative thought(s).

Ask yourself: Are they realistic ? Do they reflect what is really happening?

If the answer is no or maybe not. There is a saying ‘if there is a doubt, then there is no doubt’.

We have made a big step forward. Now we know our impression of what is happening might be negatively biased we can do something about it!

Go to Immediate Action Drill 3 – Locating the resources to fight…

Together we CAN defeat depression!


2 thoughts on “#depression – Immediate Action Drill 2 – Reaction to the onset of a depressive period

  1. Hey Stephanie, thanks for liking the post… Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would have in your tool-kit…. I want to build up a really good useful resource for people. Cheers Joseph.

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