#depression – Immediate Action Drill 3 – Locating the resources to fight

Once we have Reacted to the onset of a depressive episode we need to Locate the resources we need to fight it.

These are often closer than you think. The resources you need are likely to be all around you.

To access them you must be brave.

When I am feeling the dark clouds gathering and my mood sinking the first overriding instinct is to go quiet. To seek solitude. To get away from everyone.


Do the exact opposite!

For the exact opposite is what best equips me to fight off a depressive bought.

Being brave, setting an artificial smile upon my face, opening my mouth and engaging with those around me is a far better weapon to engage than to run for cover at these times.

To stay my tongue from sharp negative comments also helps. Remembering that my negative perception of what is going on around me needs to be questioned.

The sooner I start communicating the better I have found. I send a text to my loved one to share with her that I am not feeling quite right. Knowing that she is there and knows is half the battle.

Maybe you know someone you can share or confide in. They don’t need to be amazing therapists or leap into action at your beck and call. They just need to know and maybe listen.

For me letting her know and then turning to those around me, often work colleagues, and engaging positively with them can do wonders to lift my mood. Putting me back on track for a good day.

Go to  Immediate Action Drill 4 – Suppressing the negative mood with the secret ingredient!

Together we CAN defeat depression!


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