How does a father say goodbye to his daughters?

I have been mobilized or called up to military service overseas.

This means that I will be away training for a number of months and then overseas for many more months serving my countries interests.

So the question floating around at the top of my mind is … how do you say good bye to your little girls for that amount of time ?

I don’t want to scare them or have them worry.

I do want them to be ok. For I shall miss them terribly while I am away. I shall worry and wonder are they ok? Have they bumped their knee and is someone there to console them, pick them up and give them a cuddle, love them and care for them in my absence, pop a plaster on the graze. To tell them they will be ok.

Life has a way of challenging us all. My fight back from the gloom of depression some year and a half ago has been a positive experience for me. You can’t get more testing than to be called up to potentially fight overseas and be asked to leave your family behind.

To all those who have gone before me, said their farewells to loved ones, friends and family, I salute your bravery and courage.

May my tour go well, may I return safe to the ones I love able to hold my head up high and say that I have done my bit.

Most of all I say a prayer for my little girls.

May you both find happiness in each day while I am away,
That laughter and love surround you and protect you,
Others arms hold you close and keep you warm,
Your smiles light up the world around you.

For your daddy loves you very much and will be home soon.

To share the happiness that can be found in each and every day,
To laugh with you and love you and protect you,
To hold you in my arms and keep you warm,
To feel the warmth grow in my heart with your every precious smile.

Sleep well my little girls,
Daddy misses you and loves you very much.


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