#depression – Knowledge Base – Self-Confidence – Exercise One – What does self-confidence mean to you

Self-confidence Exercise One

By Ellen Prue

What does self-confidence mean to you

The essential first step to building your self-confidence is to assess what ‘self-confidence’ means to you.

Just saying ‘I want to be more confident’ is like saying ‘I just want to travel’! Where? How? When?

So, an example might be: “When I am with a new group of people, I want to be able to relax, join in conversations and ask people about themselves.”

Exercise one

In your notebook, write your answers to the following questions:

What does ‘self-confidence’ mean to you? Generally, your answer should start with “I want to be able to…” or “I want to be…” Stay away from “I don’t want to be…”, “I want to be less…” and other ‘avoiding’ statements. Stay positive! You need to know where you are going, not where you’ve come from!

In what situations do you need more confidence?

• Where do you already have it? For example: with your family, friends, at work…?
• Around which of the following are you confident in your abilities? Cooking, gardening, vocabulary, spelling, exercising, driving? What do you just know you can do without thinking about it?

Write down one thing you will be able to do once you have the confidence you need. This should be something tangible, like making a particular phone call, saying something to a particular person, giving a presentation, speaking up in a situation. We will refer back to this later.

Write these answers down now. When you think you’ve got all of them; stop, take a deep breath and then think some more until you come up with others.

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