#depression – Knowledge Base – Self-Confidence – Exercise Four – Self-confident fantasy

Self-confidence Exercise Four

By Ellen Prue

Self-confident fantasy

Now you’ve read over your notes from the previous exercises, get yourself comfortable and ready to do this exercise.

Exercise four

Imagine you have been granted three wishes. One of your wishes is to have the self-confidence you want. You go to bed tonight and during the night miraculously your wish is granted. When you wake up in the morning, you have all the confidence you need. What is life like?

Close your eyes and really begin to explore this fantasy. Imagine going to bed, doing your night time routine, switching off the lights, getting comfortable in bed and that lovely feeling as you begin to drift off…

This is a fantastic way to use your imagination. (After all, you probably use it to scare yourself enough – imagining things going wrong, why not use it to help yourself for a change?)

In your fantasy, answer the following questions:

• How do you feel when you get up in the morning?
• What do you look like in those situations that used to be a problem?
• How do you sound?
• What is your facial expression like?
• What do others notice about you that is different?
• How do you think about those things that used to be a problem?
• What do you do during your day that you didn’t before?

Work at doing this exercise. The more detail you include the better.
This could be the most important 15 minutes you have ever spent.

Afterwards, write in your notes the things you noticed about the newly confident you. This will be very useful for future exercises. Also, as I’ve already said, you MUST know whereyou’re going if you’re going to get there.

This exercise provides the target for your conscious and unconscious mind to move towards.

Confidence Tip: Things You Can’t Do!
This is a really common habit I’ve noticed people get into if they’re feeling a bit down. You think of something other people can do and then feel bad because you can’t do it too. Have you ever noticed yourself doing that?
Of course it’s natural to want to be able to compare favourably with others, but consider this:

There will ALWAYS be more things you can’t do than things you can do

The World is huge, and possibilities are endless!

So, by the law of averages, you are always more likely to be able to think of something you can’t so than something you can.
So don’t let your mind play tricks on you! If you find yourself doing this, deliberately change the contents of your thoughts to things you have learnt to do in the past.

This way, you will end up feeling more capable, better about yourself, and you’re more likely to start tackling some of those things you’d like to be able to do!


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