#depression – Knowledge Base – Self-Confidence – Exercise Six – Putting it all together

Self-confidence Exercise Six of Six

By Ellen Prue

Putting it all together

Now we’re going to do some work to consolidate all that you have learned over the previous exercises. To truly learn something in this field, conscious understanding is usually not enough. We need to experience a new skill or feeling in order to integrate it.

Because this ‘unconscious’ type of learning is so vital to building self-confidence, what follows is a ‘poetic’ script with hypnotic qualities that you can read to yourself or record onto audiocassette if you wish.
*(If you do this, don’t listen to it in any situation where you need to maintain concentration, like driving)*.

Just like poetry, this sort of language appeals more to the right hemisphere of the brain and encourages the listener to have an experience that will teach them what they need to know.

Before you read this, take a little time to get comfortable and ensure you have a few minutes to yourself. Like poetry, you need to absorb the words, rather than examine them. So read it slowly and deliberately, taking time to explore the concepts – you can even read it out loud if you want (as long as you are not in the office!)

So, reading this slowly and deliberately, like you would to a child, just notice the way your feet feel, whether relaxed or comfortable, cool or warm.

And allow yourself to become aware that there are particular sensations in your fingers that you hadn’t noticed until now…

And do you remember yet the last time you were able to relax very deeply? Whether it was on vacation or going to sleep at night, in that twilight area between waking and sleeping…

And there’s a part of you, apart from the part that worries that can do all the things the other part wants to do comfortably and easily.

And it’s that part that’s able to have faith in you, to trust your abilities that are going to take you forward to bigger and better things…

Of course we don’t know when the first time will be that the thinking part of you will be surprised by the confident abilities of the other part…

But just like when Spring comes, before the first green shoots appear things are happening beneath the surface…

And perhaps just now you can’t imagine just how you will feel good, or be really interested, in situations that used to be less than comfortable…

But you know that the eagle is confident that it can fly and glide without knowing that it’s confident…

And the idea of that effortless ease, gliding smoothly and freely can give you all the knowledge you need to feel confident when you need to…

And there’s a part of your mind that has been absorbing the ideas of the last few exercises and it can take the time now to put those ideas together while you rest assured that those green shoots are moving upwards to bring forth new growth and fulfilment of your potential as a self-accepting, confident person…

Allowing your mind to drift back in time a little, you can begin to remember the feelings of that confidence model from the first exercises…
• the way they look…
• how others relate to them…
• the things they say…
• their attitude to risk…
• all those qualities that you can integrate and absorb as your own…

And take a little time to really get into that now, the longer you spend now, the more amazed you will be as your confidence increases over the days and weeks to come…

Not so long ago, a miracle happened in your imagination, when you woke in the morning feeling as perfectly confident as you could wish, enjoying the prospect of a day, a week, a month, a year, a life full of confidence and high self-esteem…

That feeling of being able to approach things with a carefree attitude, exploring with the curiosity of a child, smiling confidently in the face of adversity, knowing that whatever happens, you’ll be OK…

And with that can come the trust in your own abilities that allows a person to be comfortable in new situations and to see new opportunities in old ones…

And as your mind makes sense of these words, you might like to take a little time to allow yourself a little well-deserved rest and close your eyes for a moment or two… now…

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it



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