Day 1 – Think of the last time you were really angry. Why was that? 31 Day Challenge 

This is a difficult topic to start with as I tend not to be a hot angry character. A little too laid back and chilled out for my own good at times.

The last time I remember being very frustrated, I guess that could be described as nearly angry, was when someone tried to lie to me when I knew I remembered quite clearly the guidance we were given over a year before. At that point my domineering side reared up and I was quite forthright in my pointing out that I felt my colleagues and I were being deliberately misled. Funnily enough my change in character from the nice guy who is always happy and chilled soon changed the other persons opinion.

Now before you think I was bullying or anything like that. It most definitely wasn’t. I always will listen to the other persons point of view and automatically try to empathise with their view point. This can be very useful but sometimes I need to learn to stand up for myself.

So that would be as close as I have been to anger more recently. I am talking about several months ago too!

What made me angry was that the person in question knew they were effectively lying by changing the story to suit them. That is wrong. Especially when good honest people, following what they had been told, were going to lose out as a result.

So I guess I ask you the same question … When was the last time you were angry and why? 


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