Day 2 – Why did your last friendship end – 31 Day Challenge

Now this is another challenging title to write for. 

How do you define a friendship that has actually ended? 

I have several really good friends who I have lost touch with. Whilst our friendship is not active it does still exist. Should the opportunity arise to rekindle that friendship I am sure we would be back where we left off pretty quickly.

I guess I am thinking of friendships that have ended badly. Hence, a more literal ending. 

There is one friendship that has ended more summararily in which the former friend in question had changed or more to the point been revealed to be quite the little bully. I had not realised how bullied I had been in te friendship until others told me. Helping me see the true reality. 

When I started to stand up for myself the friendship came to a pretty abrupt end. 

No loss on my part as it had been a very one way kind of friendship. I am better off without them and a little wiser to how other friendships should be balanced. 

It also makes me realise that those old friendships I have let slide need to be revived. Your friends make you who you are. They help shape and define you. 

So from this challenge I shall take the positive of seeking to rekindle two old friendships that I have been very slack in neglecting. 


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