#depression – Meaningfulness, how it can help

Have you ever suddenly started to notice detail on your surroundings?

In my fight with depression there have been several moments when my awareness of what is around me seems to sharpen. Colour floods back into the world. My skin becomes more sensitive to the soft touch of a gentle breeze. I can smell the intricacies of my surroundings, which says a lot for someone whose sense of smell is rubbish!

It is as though a fog or blanket has lifted and you can see, you can sense, you can smell, touch the world around you. 

One of the many tools I have developed over the last couple of years is meaningfulness. 

I had heard about it and found an app for the iPad which I used while I was away overseas doing soldier stuff. In my precious short downtimes I would bring up the app, lay on my cot bed or stand in the sun with my headphones in and practise some mindfulness. 

It taught me to take time to pause. To appreciate the now. To really look, smell, feel, hear, taste and take in what is happening right this minute. To notice the detail of everyday things. To find beauty and intrigue in the most austere environments and from this to appreciate how lucky I am.

I strongly recommend trying mindfulness. It seems or sounds to be a bit fluffy at first. Be determined, give it a go. See what it can do for you. Heck, if it’s good enough for the Dali Lama! 


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