Day 4 – Have you ever attempted suicide ? 31 Day Challenge

wow these challenging topics are coming thick and fast lol.

Have I ever attempted suicide. Easy answer is no. Definitely not.

To truly want, need and then go through with the act would surely take an act of either imense bravery or desperation. I have heard said that it is one of the most rational decisions ever made. There can surely be no greater consequence for an individual’s individual act. 

It is also, potentially, one of the most selfish acts a person can do. For unless you are some kind of hermit cut off from the world there will be someone somewhere who will be impacted by it. 

For myself, there are far too many people who would be hurt, angered and have their lives tipped upside down.

That is not to say my methodical mind has not over the years sifted through the details and worked outthink a like best method, time, place etc.

Possessing the knowledge is one thing acting on it is something completely different! 

My heart goes out to all those lost soles who have reached a point where they have lost sight of the lighthouses and are adrift in the ocean of dispair. For we, society, have surely failed them.


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