I am a People Pleaser

I am a People Pleaser. I probably have been since a very young age. 

Being a People Pleaser sounds a lovely way to be. It can be very rewarding helping others. Seeing your action having a positive effect on others.

But, it is a big BUT, for a People Pleaser it tends to be at the expense of the People Pleaser themselves. Through almost never saying no they become emotionally and physically exhausted. It is not easy running round trying to keep all the metaphorical plates spinning. In fact it is bloody hard! Especially when you have put such high expectations on some of those plates.

As it has only recently been pointed out to me that I am probably a deep engrained People Pleaser I am going to take some time to look at what it means for me. How I came to be in the position I am. What I can do to start to change this trait.

It certainly looks at this stage that the trait is largely why I have developed depression. So the fight back continues. This week an intelligence break through has occurred with the identification of a root cause for my depression. Next stop assessment of what People Pleasing means to me. Then on to changing my ways!


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