Day 13 – Are you a perfectionist? 31 Day Challenge

No… But… I tend to take too long trying to get things right. 

Sounds a lot like a perfectionist I guess. Especially when I am rarely satisfied with outcomes. 

Well that is a bit of a lie. I work hard to get things right and then at some point achieve my aim. I take satisfaction from that.

Obsessions over getting things just right is something I am fighting hard to lessen. Particularly with work. It is far too easy to waste a lot of time ‘perfecting’ something that would be fine as it is.

A great piece of advice I learnt last year was to spend one hour getting something 70% right and workable rather than spending four hours to get something 100% right. 

Guess that applies here. 

I have been much more productive by following that simple view.

So am I a perfectionist? 

Well I’ve quickly typed this on my phone while sat in the sun on my patio enjoying good coffee this sunny Sunday morning … I’m not going to read over it … I’d rather sit back and enjoy the sun!


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