In the News – A third of new fathers ‘concerned’ about mental health  

More than 1 in 3 new fathers (38%) are concerned about their mental health, according to new research.

National Childbirth Trust says increased pressures of fatherhood, more financial responsibility, changes in relationships and lifestyle, combined with a lack of sleep and an increased workload at home, may all affect a new dad’s mental wellbeing.

Concern about their partner is another worry for new fathers. NCT found that almost three quarters (73%) of dads were worried about their partner’s mental health.

Mark Williams, from Ogmore Vale set up his own charity Dads Matter UK, after his mental health suffered when he became a new father.

“There are all sorts of reasons why men suffer mental health problems after the birth of a child. Some suffer from postnatal depression themselves whilst others get downcast because their partners have mental health troubles. I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing my wife’s distressing birth.”


“We recognise the huge impact having a baby can have on dads as well as mums. Perinatal mental health issues can affect men or women so raising awareness of the specific concerns and questions that dads-to-be or new dads have is crucial. Dads sometimes feel uncomfortable about opening up about their feelings but we would encourage them to do so and seek the support they need.”


If you think you are struggling after becoming a new parent, the NCT suggests the following:

· Share your feelings with people you trust. This could be your family or friends, a health professional or a counsellor.

· Try to take some time for yourself by maintaining involvement in hobbies, exercise, or social activities, even an hour here or there can make a difference.

· Take some exercise each day, like a walk with the buggy or swimming. Exercise can have a positive effect on mood and sense of wellbeing

· Although many new parents experience mood changes or feel down some of the time, you may find that feelings of anxiety or low mood persist. If you have concerns about your own or your partner’s mental health, it’s best to seek help from your GP who can help you to access support services.

Read more on the ITV News site – 

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experience of being a new father… What were or are your feelings?


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