In the news – World Mental Health Day 2015

So, hello again. How are you doing? 

What did you do for world mental health day? 

I’ll be honest here I was spending the day out and about with my children and parents. Didn’t have a clue it was world mental health day. 

Now I do.. And so I am wondering what everyone else has done for it? 

I had a quick scan of related news stories. The one that stood out for me was focused on the gathering of Somerset County Council and Men’s Health Forum charity. It is great to read about organisations coming together to offer a more joined up approach. Additionally, to recognise that the challenges faced by men with mental health issues are not simply generic. Often these challenges range around ‘the lived experience of being male’. 

The sad thing to read was that the statistics have not changed. Around three quarters of suicides annually are still men. 

With all the bravado being pushed by politicians about providing better mental health services the numbers tell a very different story. Especially in relation to men. 

What can we do, all of us, to reach out to those suffering. Often silently amongst us. To let them know .. They are not alone.


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